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Vegetarian snacks instead of bitterballen, but the non-alcoholic New Year's drink still seems a long way off

The non-alcoholic liquor store in Tilburg is doing good business. Companies are also interested in a drink without booze, but there is no question of a revolution yet. 'Alcohol is still seen as a social bonding agent.'

"Cincin!" Milly and Meggie van Loon, mother and daughter, briefly look at each other before downing a crystal glass of red wine. Then it pours in again, and again, and again.

It is the middle of the day, but no one in this liquor store is surprised that there is a lot of drinking. The entire drink arsenal of Nix&Nix in Tilburg is alcohol-free. And that's exactly what Milly and Meggie came for, because they're participating in Dry January, the annual challenge to kick off the first month of the year fresh (and therefore without alcohol). Although Milly postpones it for another two weeks, 'because my husband will be 60 and that includes a drink'.

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