Wine & Food Pairings

Wijn & Spijs Pairings

1) Weingut Apel

=>Perfect with fresh starters.

2) Cognato Chenin Blanc

=> Ideal companion of Dutch shrimp cocktail, fish and (Caesar) salad.

3) Cero Chardonnay

=> Fantastic with rich dishes with lots of cream and butter, as well as with white meat, roast chicken and grilled vegetables.

4) Column Null Verdejo

=> Nice fresh aperitif, delicious with halibut and light salads or green asparagus.

5)Cognato Red

=> Smoky red, delicious with a nice piece of roast beef, roast meat or Beet Wellington (vegetarian option). Midsummer delicious for the BBQ.

6) Column Null Cuvee Rouge

=> Classic red for traditional main dishes. Steak, tournedos or entrecote. Get a little happier with pizza and spaghetti bolognaise.

7) Oddbird Domaine de la Prade

=> Omnivore! From stew and merguez to juicy veggie burgers and dry sausage.

8) Cero Zinfandel

=> Game or poultry? This is the bottle for you. Duck, pigeon, deer or hare. Also great with pate. Tip! try it with an Indian rice table. Super at Rendang.

9) ALT Sparkling Chardonnay

=> The best accompaniment for smoked salmon and toasts with crab salad and other mayonnaise rich party numbers.

10) Column Null Cuvée Blanc Sparkling

=> Ideal aperitif, with appetizers and seafood. Also wonderful with desserts such as pana cotta and fruit.

11) Saicho Hojicha

=>Delicious with earthy dishes, celeriac, mushrooms and truffle.