The 5 best cocktails for the holidays

What could be better than drinking a delicious cocktail during the holidays and being fresh the next morning for the next party. We have selected 5 signature cocktails that are not only festive, but also very tasty. This makes the holidays a lot more relaxed.

1) Blood Orange Spritz

An all time favourite. A Spritz made with bittersweet blood orange aperitif and mixed with a bubble. We pour this into a large wine glass over ice and garnish it with an orange wedge. Cheers!

2) Cape Citrus & Elderflower Tonic

The classic Gin & Tonic but with a twist. This G&T has notes of citrus, cinnamon and light cloves. The Elderflower Tonic lets the flavors come through well and gives you a nice aftertaste. Drink the G&T in a large glass with ice and a sprig of rosemary or a slice of cucumber.

3) Amaretti Sour

Sweet and sour. A combination that gives your mouth a true taste experience. We pour the Amaretti over ice and then add the juice of 3 lime wedges. Stir and garnish with the fourth wedge of lime. Blessed!

4) Dark & ​​Stormy

A cool cocktail and appropriate with this winter weather. The combination of rum and ginger beer gives a full start with a spicy aftertaste. The addition of a little lime juice and lime garnish brings out the tones of the cocktail even better.

5) Margarisha

The most stylish cocktail there is. Make sure you have margarita glasses at home for the best presentation. Mix the Mexican Agave, Cape Citrus and lime juice in a shaker full of ice cubes. Dip the rim of your glass in salt and then pour the shaker into the glass. Garnish with a nice lime wedge on the edge and the classic is made!

The 5 best cocktails for the holidays