Dry January

Dry January

The holidays are over again. It is a new year with new opportunities and experiences. The chance to try things out and form a new opinion. Dry January is one such opportunity. A period in which you leave the alcohol in the cupboard for a while and let your body and mind relax. An opportunity to experience how special a period can be if you don't drink alcohol at all.

With NIX & NIX we provide the most delicious drinks. This can help you to drink something nice during dry january during a drink, dinner or party. It also gives you the opportunity to discover new flavors for a few weeks. Maybe you make your own drinks or go for non-alcoholic beers , wines or cocktails .

We think that a period in which you don't drink, such as dry january, is a great opportunity to give your body and mind some space. We also think this is an opportunity to discover how good non-alcoholic drinks are today. Perhaps this will give you the right inspiration to drink less alcohol during the rest of 2022.

During dry January we would like to welcome you in our liquor stores in Haarlem, Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Tilburg and online. We are ready to advise you the best drinks.

Whatever your experience with dry january, we would love to hear your story at hello@nixennix.com