Alcohol free?

What is alcohol-free?

Drinks containing less than 0.5% alcohol fall under the alcohol-free category according to the law. These drinks can therefore sometimes contain a very small amount of alcohol. This is the residue that remains after filtering. This is often indicated with, for example, <0.5%.

This is comparable to the alcohol that is present in, for example, a ripe banana, mango or fruit juice. Even your own body produces some alcohol.

In the Netherlands , according to the law, it is allowed in lemonade or soft drinks up to half a percent alcohol due to natural and intended and unavoidable fermentation.

Half a percent alcohol is so minimal that its presence does not register in your blood.

Do you want to drink completely 0.0%? Check the label carefully to see if this is also stated. An indication such as alcohol-free, alcohol-free or alcohol-free means that it can contain up to 0.5% alcohol.

On our website you can use the 0.0% filter. Are you coming to shop in our liquor stores and do you want 0.0%? Then indicate this when tasting or with your purchase and we will point you to the products.